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Carol Spigner, was a legal research professional and certified Interior Designer  before she became The Junkyard Jeweler.  The name of her shop was a bit of family humor which took place around the kitchen table.   She is very grateful for family support and inspiration which allows her to continue expanding her work and interest  in the history and artistry of  jewelry from the past.

She is currently a member of the National Cufflink Society,  the Providence Jewelry Museum,  the Long Beach Historical Society, VFCJ (Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry Club),.   She currently has some seasonal  collections and her own jewelry creations at The Workshop,  a studio gallery of artists and crafts in Long Beach.

She has been interviewed with photos of examples, about market trends of Murano glass in the Antique Weekly, November 3rd, 2003 issue.  Part of her extensive and well-known Umbrella Pin Collection has been featured on page 90,  of the Third Edition of Harrice Simons Miller's book, "Official Price Guide to Costume Jewelry", and 83 various items from her personal collections and inventory have been featured in the new "Judith Miller Collector's Guides Costume Jewelry" book by DK Publishing.     This book is available here.       

Carol Spigner is the owner of  the Orphaned Earrings Match-Up Group and the new Daddy Warbucks Cufflinks Match-Up Group on Yahoo, and is a current member of Jewelry Talk, Jewelcollect, and others, all research groups dealing with the collecting and selling of vintage costume jewelry.  The Orphaned Earrings Group is a place to find mates to your lost vintage earrings,  or buy, trade or sell earrings that match other people's sets.  Membership is free.      Daddy Warbucks Cufflinks Group is for cufflinks mating!   Please feel free to join.                                   

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