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Volupte' Stunning and Rare Blue Rhinestone Bracelet

Volupte' Stunning and Rare Blue Rhinestone Bracelet

Volupte' Stunning and Rare Blue Rhinestone Bracelet

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful this bracelet is and how rare to find one like this signed by Volupte' who is known for making those magnificent compacts but made very few jewelry items.  Much of the jewelry I have found signed with the Volupte' name has been rather plain, a filigree cuff bracelet or a child's figural pin, but this....... 1950s glitzy gorgeous blue rhinestone prong set bracelet, is just so Volupte'..  the Volupte' that made the lush and sumptuous rhinestone encrusted compacts they are so famous for.   When I saw the name on the clasp I was surprised!  Here is 7 1/4" inches of perfect, sparkling sapphire blue large chatons, 15 of them, each enhanced with two smaller light blue chatons on either side.  All prong set in silver setting.  Pressure slide clasp and spring clasp safety chain.  Very liquid and luxurious to wear.  Can you tell I don't care if I ever sell this?


Item Name: Volupte' Stunning and Rare Blue Rhinestone Bracelet
Item Number: 05160504
Price: $250.00



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